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Nakata AUT-05 Luxury Suit Hanger-Smoked Brown

Nakata AUT-05 Luxury Suit Hanger-Smoked Brown

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The AUT-05 is a best-seller from Nakata. The hanger is single-jointed and composed of luxury European beechwood, which is bound to last a lifetime. Each hanger is woodwork-ed by hand in order to shape the neck and shoulders for fine suits, coats, and jackets.

The contours of this hanger preserve the integrity of garments, keeping them wrinkle-free and away from unnecessary fabric wear (e.g. shoulder dimples, stretching).

The thick felted trouser bar has a market-leading diameter of 1.5cm, which is more gentle on trousers, thereby mitigating the appearance of any fold lines.

+ Specifications

Made in Japan. European Beechwood. Fully-rotatable hanger hook. Polished steel hardware. Felted trouser bar diameter of 1.5cm. 

430mm wide. The shoulder thickness is 57mm at the widest point.

The "Smoked Brown" hangers feature gold Chrome hardware. 

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