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Barrel Cufflinks in Red and Black

Barrel Cufflinks in Red and Black

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Are you looking for a touch of red but are not quite ready to reach for an all-red accessory? Do you fear that by going all black, you will just blend in with the regular folks? These two-colored cufflinks may just be for you, then. Without overpowering your style with passion-fueling, all red links, these charming, 3/4 x 5/8-in cufflinks have everything someone like you is looking for! Made of rhodium silver, each piece showcases a cylindrical shape on which a checkboard pattern alternates between red and black enamel paint. Built to be durable and appealing, these will accentuate your look just enough so that you don't feel like everyone will be bored by your choice of accessories!


• Made in United States

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