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Arterton Signature Suit Hanger-Dutch Estate Blue

Arterton Signature Suit Hanger-Dutch Estate Blue

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Made of solid European Beechwood and then stained with our signature colours, the Arterton Signature Suit Hanger has been designed to preserve the condition of fine garments. The thickness of the shoulder area has been contoured to offer support to coats, jackets, and suits.

Fully rotatable polished steel hanger in Gold chrome.

Made in Japan by Nakata for Arterton,

+ The Trouser Bar

The trouser bar is premium felt-lined and is offered in one of the largest diameters available on the market: 1.5cm. The additional thickness helps minimize trouser slippage, as well as prevent unwanted creasing of trousers.

+ Finishing

Each hanger is hand-machined in Japan and stained with custom-formulated signature colour. Available in our two signature colours: Dutch Estate Blue and 'Cambridge Red'.

+ Specifications

420mm Wide and 40mm thick at the widest part of the shoulders. Made in Japan by hand. European Beechwood. Fully-rotatable hanger hook. Polished steel hardware in gold colour. Felted trouser bar diameter of 1.5cm.
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